Collection: 野口 寛斉 / Kansai Noguchi



野口 寛斉 展

Kansai Noguchi Exhibition

2024.6.8 (Sat) - 2024.7.7(Sun)









Noguchi’s works is based on the expressions of Jomon earthenware era, Yi Dynasty, and ancient Greek sculpture, and continue to explore the originality that lies beyond the fusion of race, culture and history. Noguchi loves what people make and believes that what people make is good. Proving them with his own hands is what it is all about, Noguchi’s attitude toward his artwork is not selfish, but rather he continues to express himself to connect new civilizations to the future through his artwork. Ippatsu is pleased to present a large-scale solo exhibition of Noguchi, whose international reputation has been growing year by year. We are sure that you will be able to experience a time that no one has ever experienced before through his works that transcend language.

野口 寛斉 | Kansai Noguchi | 1982年 福岡生まれ。音楽家として2013年にNYへ渡り、イサム・ノグチの作品にインスピレーションを受け、帰国後、アーティストになることを決意する。2015年、彫刻家のアシスタントとして働いていたことがきっかけで陶芸をはじめ、翌年にはミッドセンチュリーモダンにインスピレーションを得た陶器レーベルとしてKANSAI NOGUCHI STUDIOを立ち上げる。その後、国内外で個展を開催し、陶器、 版画、水墨画、抽象オブジェなど制作し続けている。